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December 7th Wren Report

It’s been wet out there this last month, and it looks like rain has interrupted wren-watching! That’s OK – hopefully sunny weather is here and you can get out for some summer Wren Watches!

To date, 390 Wren Watches have been submitted through our BioCollect project, which included 51 sightings of Superb Fairy-wrens.

Map showing the SFW sighting in Ievers reserve

8 Superb Fairy-wrens were counted in Parkville in the last month, a bit of a sorry number when compared to the 36 Noisy Miners that were counted during the same surveys. Shout-out to Kate George who submitted three surveys with no bird sightings at all – it’s really important for us to get records of places where no birds are seen. Thanks Kate!

Our most exciting sighting this month has been of 2 unbanded Superb Fairy-wrens which were spotted by David Stanton in Iever’s Reserve (site 47). No Fairy-wrens had been spotted at this location yet, so it’s definitely one to keep an eye on!

Light green over gold carrying nesting material

During November our only sightings of banded birds were submitted through iNaturalist, by excellent bird photographer Peter Petinatos. Pete spotted the female Light Green over Gold collecting feathers – a sure sign she was nesting!

Thank you to our November Wren Watchers. Let’s get out there and find some more banded birds!

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