Wren news reel

November 2nd Wren Report

Welcome to our very first Wren Report! It’s a short update on our Superb City Wrens, who’s been seen and how we are tracking with our surveys!

To date, 380 Wren Watches have been submitted through our BioCollect project, which included 49 sightings of Superb Fairy-wrens.

During 27 of those surveys our citizen scientists have recorded a banded bird!

The latest Superb City Wren sighting was of Light Green over Silver, who seems to enjoying spending time in Survey Area 01, in the White’s Skink Habitat, Royal Park. Light Green over Silver is a male bird who has been spotted twice since December 2021, both times in a similar place.

Perhaps Light Green over Silver should be first in line for one of our new names?

Thanks for all your wonderful efforts so far, Wren Watchers. Let’s get out there an find spot some more! Become a Wren Watcher!

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